How to Setup Bing Ads Account Without Suspend

By | May 15, 2015

I am doing PPC and Web development since 2011 . While this period, I offered my services link Bing coupons, VCC, ready accounts etc. to many friends. In meanwhile, I gained many new experiences with them.

Everyone enjoyed Bing coupons pack & Bing made us habitual to Bing Coupons Packs. Bing coupons pack were like a cocaine. As we know all Bing coupon packs are over. Bing Ads Account allows one coupon per account.

Everyone want to earn like before. That’s why everyone is busy in finding new tricks. Here I am going to share some tips which helps you to stay away from account suspension. Specially for newbie’s. I know many Bing master are facing problems while creating a bing ad account. 
Important Tips:

  • Don’t add much keywords while creating campaign
  • Don’t raise daily budget in starting
  • Don’t make more changes again & again
  • Don’t Pause & delete your ads
  • Don’t make many changes in account.

Adding Coupons:

  • You can’t add more than 1 coupon in single account (better buy Single coupon worth 160$ or 250$ I can provide it)
  • Even you can’t add coupon in Sub-account.
  • Coupon are not working for all countries, specially India

If you are going to use VCC:

  • Use it as prepay payment method
  • Most VCC accepts any address


  • Use Private or dedicated proxies
  • Never use HMA, becoz every newbie is using HMA & they have most suspected ip’s
  • Make sure while buying IP’s are private or not

Don’t buy ready Bing account, If it is:

  • Without Proxy/vpn – You will login from different ip & your account will be suspended.
  • Account without impression – It is easy to create bing account, but hard to get impressions.
  • If you got account with dummy campaign – When you add your campaign, bing will suspend your account. Working for some users. You can take risk with it.

Advice for newbies:

  • Create your own bing account with real phone no. using unique proxy/vpn ip.
  • Add your real campaign & keywords
  • Add vcc & coupon

Latest Update: I made a Bing account using USA Private IP. Added VCC & Coupon. My campaign was running good. Today, Bing asked me for hotmail account sms verification. I used Fake Name Genrator phone no. So, my working Bing account gone. Same happened with many of others Bing accs runners. Be careful while creating Bing account. Don’t use fake phone no. Otherwise you have to loose your working account.