Bing Rewards Program

By | November 3, 2014 has a rewards program going on. So, I created an app for android. With this app, it gains rewards points from Bing for you automatically every day!

Once you have enough, you can redeem the points for different things like $5 for Amazon, Starbucks, or Tango. As well as $3 for Xbox live or points, plus other things. Theres at least 20 items to redeem points for.

Anyways, if you don’t know what Tango is, its a pace u can add gift cards from different stores into one account and combine them into one gift card for any store. I found out that if you redeem for Amazon or Tango’s $5, you can add them into one Tango account. Plus, the $5 tango card cost less Bing points to redeem (5 points less). The gift cards that Tango gives you are through email so you have to use em online.

One guy was telling me he does it and converts them into Target gift cards. But Target has a phone app so you can load the gift card onto your target app then they scan your phone at the store.

To get started…

Download this and install it on your phone:

Then on your computer, because its easier, go to and follow these steps:

1. At the top right of the page click sign in and if you have a login using Facebook or Microsoft (if you want to use your hotmail instead). Used fb.
2. After logging in, click the arrow by your name in the top right of the Bing page.
3. There should be a join option for Bing rewards. Join it.
4. Once your joined you can gain extra points if you want by doing ask the tasks on the rewards page.

Youll notice one says 0 of 15 points for searches. This is where my app comes in. On your phone, with the app open…

1. On the top right it says accounts. Drag that to the left.
2. Add a new account by following the 4 steps.
1. Add account button, then enter a name (can be anything)
2. Set a max of 30
3. Using the browser, scroll to the top right and login with the account you want. Be sure to check the stay logged in box as you log in.
4. Press save.
4. Now you can drag up the “options” button from the bottom, turn on autorun, set the time, and your done!

You can go to and make as many accounts as you want. Then, one at a time, sign them in at and join the rewards program. After that, add the account into the app. The app will let you add as many accounts as you want.

This is where its important to register my app (sorry, but its worth it). If you don’t have it registered, the autorun will only do 10 searches max per account. 2 searches = 1 reward point. If you register, autorun has no max. If you do it manually from the front page, you can do as many searches as you want.

The registration information can be found by tapping the “help” button, then register and. Thank you.

For further information or to keep up on updates, check the forum thread that has links and original info.